JanssenWeb will work closely together with you to design and build a web site that meets your marketing goals. We build completely new web sites or rework and update your existing site. After an intake interview and several iterations with you we will design a web site layout, your 'house style' that will be implemented consistently across the whole site.

Check out our Client Portfolio for some examples of our recent work. Interested? Contact us for more information or to get started.

Content Management

SiteManager, our own content management system allows you to update the content of your web site easily and quickly without the help of IT staff or external web developers. Your web site is yours and with SiteManager you have full control, without depending on others. SiteManager is only available for sites hosted on our servers.

Interactive Content

Behind the scenes all our web pages are dynamically created with PHP scripts. This allows flexible content management and the use of additional standard or custom modules, without requiring any technical expertise from our users.

Many sites use third-party solutions for shopping carts, mailing-lists, discussion groups, etc. This means that these components are often not in your own house style, and can even direct the user away from your own web site.

We offer a wide variety of standard modules, such as event calendars, sign up forms, transaction trackers and we can make your web site more interactive by adding custom modules.

Product Centered Navigation

The navigation of your web site should be centered around your main pages. These pages should be easily accessible from multiple directions and not be "hidden" behind many links or 'clicks'. Together with you we will identify your main pages and build the rest of the site around your 'core' pages.


It is popular nowadays to have a web-site that is for a large part built up of images or even small movies. Although this can look nicely, it can also make pages sluggish, scaring away your potential customers. A web site should always be a balance between visual attractiveness and speed.


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