We provide three different Web Hosting packages, intended for three different types of web sites. What package is right for you depends on the purpose and goals of your web site. Each package has a dedicated page with detailed information and there is a table that compares all our hosting packages.

Web Site Description Cost (1) Package includes Sign Up
Brochure Site A brochure site provides information you typically find in a company brochure: the company profile, the products and services and contact information. The content is relatively static and does not require much maintenance or updating. User access is through FTP. Starting
from $9.95 / month
+ setup (3)
- 100MB hard drive space
- 2.5GB data transfer / month
- 5 POP mail accounts
- Apache, DNS, WebMail servers
- FTP access to your root folder
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Dynamic Content with SiteManager A site with dynamic content contains information that changes often and is more interactive with its visitors. Examples are upcoming events or promotions, a FAQ or a newsletter. User has access to SiteManager tools.

Starting from $14.95 / month
+ setup (3)
- 250MB hard drive space
- 5GB data transfer / month
- 50 POP mail accounts
- PHP, Perl, MySQL support
- Apache, DNS, WebMail servers
- SiteManager (2)
- Optional modules and tools

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eCommerce with SiteManager An eCommerce site sells products or services online to customers world wide. It typically includes a product catalog, a shopping cart and support for secure online payments. User has access to SiteManager tools. Starting from $29.95 / month
+ setup (3)
- 500MB hard drive space
- 10GB data transfer / month
- Unlimited POP mail accounts
- PHP, Perl, MySQL support
- Apache, DNS, WebMail servers
- SiteManager (2)
- Optional modules and tools
- eCommerce Shopping Cart

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(1) = Price per month based on pre-payment for one year.
(2) = Modules from our standard plug-in library can be added using the SiteManager core technology.
(3) = The one-time set up fee is $75 for FTP sites and $150 for SiteManager sites with up to 10 web pages.

Additional Modules

JanssenWeb SiteManager is completely modular in nature. The basic module is the content management part, allowing you to edit your web pages online. Next to this JanssenWeb provides a growing list of additional modules and tools, adding functionality to your web site. Some modules add interactive elements to you web site, others are administrative tools that help you manage your business.

Domain Name Registration

If you don't have your own domain name yet, we can set one up for you. We register your domain name ending in .com, .net or .org through an independent, accredited registrar for $20 per year and a one-time set up fee of $25. We register other top level domains, such as .nl, .info, .fr or .be as well. Please contact us for a current price quote at sales@janssenweb.com.

Secure Certificates

When you use your web site for  online payments or the exchange of sensitive information (like passwords, credit card information, personal data) you need to provide your customers with a secure web site (https) they can trust. We partner with the Internet security specialist Comodo to bring you their InstantSSL range of certificates. Select the certificate that is right for you and sign up today.

PremiumSSL is for leading e-commerce web sites conducting high volume, high value transactions (insurance $10,000): 1 year = $119
2 years = $164
3 years = $199
InstantSSL Pro is for e-commerce web sites with transactions typically over $50 (insurance $2,500): 1 year = $69
2 years = $114
3 years = $149
InstantSSL is for intranets, extranets and web sites conducting transactions valued at sub $50 (insurance only $50): 1 year = $49
2 years = $89
3 years = $125

PremiumSSL and InstantSSL Pro include a free TrustLogo, providing you with a unique ability to visibly display your "trusted" and "secured" status. Contact us for more information or to set up a secure site.

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