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Our customers come from all over the world and their web sites serve many different purposes. Our customers have dynamic content sites, high volume eCommerce sites and closely integrated 'enterprise portals'. Most of our customers use SiteManager to update and maintain their web sites.

Examples from our portfolio:

Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Eldorado is a bottler of natural spring water in Colorado, providing natural artesian spring water originating from the Eldorado Springs Canyon near Boulder in the Rocky Mountains.

For Eldorado Natural Spring Water we built a website that resembles their labels and water bottles. Apart from the website, we developed a whole range of back-office tools for their customer service and collections staff.

All American Seasonings

All American Seasonings has been a leader in the food industry for over 40 years, offering a broad range of innovative products and services to chain and independent restaurants, food and meat processors, bakeries, snack food and many other manufacturers throughout America and abroad.

Foundation Academic Heritage

The Stichting Academisch Erfgoed (Foundation Academic Heritage) is a joint venture of the five main universities in the Netherlands. The website of the SAE is designed to provide insight in the rich set of historic collections present at the various museums maintained by these universities.

The SAE site is made to resemble the quarterly newsletter and consists of a number of interrelated, large databases describing the multitude of collections present at the member museums.


SpiritEssence provides flower and other essence remedies for animals and their people. SpiritEssence is the first line of essences developed by a holistic veterinarian.

The site presents a full shopping catalog with online shopping carts, check out, credit card processing, email confirmation and back-office tools to keep track of the purchases and other relevant sales data for the owners.


A Dutch science site for childeren. The Utrecht University Museum has a special exhibition and web site dedicated to science and experiment, especially for childeren 10-14 years old. Experiments involve the senses, light and sound and entrance is free for the target group.

The site is built in the Jeugdlab house style, with bright primal colors and presents a large knowledge database with facts and details about items and tests in the museum.


The Instituto de Linguística Teórica e Computacional (ILTEC) is a private nonprofit organization, with partnerships with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), the University of Lisbon, and the New University of Lisbon.

The web site is in Portugese with an English shadow site  behind it: from every page the user can toggle between the Portugese and English versions.

Whole Pets Online

Whole Pets has been offering healthy, natural pet foods and treats in and around Boulder, Colorado for many years. The same high quality, healthy foods and treats are now available online! 

The site has a full shopping catalog with online shopping carts, credit card payments, different navigation options, search functions and is fully integrated with back-office tools to keep track of the purchases.

Mina Witteman

Mina Witteman is a Dutch author of children books. Her first book was De wraak van DeeDee (DeeDee's revenge), published in 2005.

Her web site shows the covers of her books in an artistic layout, geared towards children.

Little Big Cat, Inc.

The web page for cat owners: Little Big Cat offers mind-body consulting for cats, SpiritEssence remedies and a host of scientific articles to avoid and solve problems with your feline companions.

The LittleBigCat website features an online shopping catalog for electronic articles, as well as a newsletter sign up function, integrated with a back-office newsletter generation module.


Quintens is a Dutch consulting & management company, specializing in sustainable development and combining business profitability and social responsibility.

The Quintens web site is made in accordance with the Quintens house style, resembling their letter heads, envelops, and other in-house articles. The web site is a simple presentation of the role and activities of Quintens.

Kinship Enterprises

A Kinship with Animals by Kate Solisti. Animal Communication, Holistic Healing, Dog and Cat Nutrition and Flower Essence Therapy.

The website is designed after one of Kate's best-selling books and gives a full overview of her activities, services and products.

Dassen Drykoningen Advocaten

Dassen Drykoningen Advocaten is a Dutch law firm that provides legal services to businesses and individuals in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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