JanssenWeb SiteManager is completely modular in nature. The basic module is the content management part, allowing you to edit your web pages online. Next to this JanssenWeb provides a growing list of additional modules and tools, adding functionality to your web site. Some modules add interactive elements to you web site, others are administrative tools that help you manage your business.

We also add specific, custom modules according to your specifications and requirements. Ask us for custom development, we will always give you a quote in advance. Currently the following standard modules are available:

Module Description
Picture Database SiteManager always provides a picture database that allows you to upload images to use on your site. The images are automatically resized, and stripped of all unnecessary information, making them as small as possible to optimize page loading speed. When you edit a web page, you can select pictures from your picture database and incorporate them in your page.
FAQ Database SiteManager provides a Frequently Asked Questions module. You can edit the questions and answers in the SiteManager database section. By default the questions are shown in a list, only showing the answer to the question when the user selects the question. It is however possible to change the appearance of the FAQ list.
Newsletter SiteManager makes it easy to add a newsletter section to your web site. Visitors can subscribe online to the newsletter and their personal information is stored in a database. The web site administrator can update this database in SiteManager.
The SiteManager control panel allows you to enter a newsletter and send it to all subscribers. Furthermore, the newsletter can be stored in an archive and can be made available on your web site.
ForumMany web site administrators like to have a forum or feedback section on their web site. The Forum module supports two styles: either as a flat guest book (showing user feedback and comments), or as a threaded discussion list, where comments can be sorted and read in threads. In both cases the administrator can edit the forum content in SiteManager.
Photo Album and Slide Show  If you want to publish large amounts of photos on your web-site, it is of course possible to upload them via the picture database, and add them to your pages. However, it is also possible to set up a more advanced photo album style, tagging pictures with dates, comments, classifications, and keywords. Visitors can view the album or albums, select pictures by year, event, category, etc. Photos can also be published in a slide show format.
Member Section SiteManager allows you to add a members-only section to your web-site. Users can register online and the administrator can manage the member list in the SiteManager control panel. Members can login to the site, and it's possible to limit some or all web site pages to members only. The member list can be interactive, allowing members to edit and update their own personal information and preferences.
An example of the use of a member-only section is in combination with an eCommerce web site, where your clients can maintain their billing and shipping addresses, credit card information, shopping wish lists and more.
Event Calendar The SiteManager Event Calendar allows you to enter your upcoming trade shows, classes, product demonstrations or other events in a simple form. SiteManager automatically posts the events on your web site in chronological order and removes them once the event is over.
Jobs Listing SiteManager has a careers database where staff can post jobs with job title, job description, requirements, and benefits. The jobs are automatically posted on the company web site and responses are emailed to the associated HR manager or job supervisor.

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