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A site with dynamic content contains information that changes often and is more 'interactive' with its visitors. If your web site provides news, promotions or for example an event calendar you need an easy way to update your information and keep your site 'fresh'. Well known examples of interactive functionality are custom forms, your own mailing lists, newsletters, forums, guest books, greeting cards, hit counters, web counters, and search engines.

Dynamic Content Hosting Package

Our dynamic content hosting package offers 250MB of disk space, 5GB of data traffic per month and 50 email accounts. The bandwidth is unrestricted: if during a busy month the available bandwidth is exceeded we do not block your site. We simply charge you $5 per additional 1GB and your site remains available at all times.

The package includes the use of our unique, web based web site management control panel SiteManager. This supports a pure dynamic set up of your web page: all your information, including your web pages are stored in the SiteManager databases. We provide you with an interface that runs in your browser and that allows you to change, add or delete your web pages, your menu structure, and your data. Updating your site is now as easy as browsing the web!

With SiteManager you also get access to our growing library of interactive modules and tools. You select the optional modules you want to use in your web site and through the SiteManager control panel you immediately have full control over those functions.

We have the right hosting solution for you. Make sure to compare our different hosting packages.

Other Hosting Packages

We provide three different Web Hosting packages, intended for three different types of web sites. What package is right for you depends on the purpose and goals of your web site.

  • Brochure Site with static company and product information
  • Dynamic Content Site with regularly changing information that needs to be up-to-date
  • eCommerce Site with an online product catalog, a shopping cart and secure support for different payment options

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Hosting Package Dynamic
Price per month (12 months pre-pay) $14.95
Price per month (3 months pre-pay) $17.95
One-time set up fee $150.00
Disk space 250MB
Data transfer per month 5GB
POP3 email accounts 50
SMTP email access Included
'Catch all' email Included
Email storage 250MB
Email forwarding Included
Email vacation auto-responder Included
Web Mail Included
FTP account Included
Apache web server Included
Custom Error 404 page Included
PHP scripts support Included
Perl scripts support Included
MySQL database support Included
SiteManager content management Included
eCommerce shopping cart Not Included
Additional modules support Included
Additional back-office tools support Included
Webalizer site statistics Included
Server Unix Operating SystemFreeBSD
Server dedicated connection 100MBit
Daily back ups Included
Redundant power Included
Domain Name Servers (DNS) Included
Additional 1GB bandwidth $5 per month

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