JanssenWeb SiteManager is completely modular in nature. The basic module is the content management part, allowing you to edit your web pages online. Next to this JanssenWeb provides a growing list of additional modules and tools, adding functionality to your web site. Some modules add interactive elements to you web site, others are administrative tools that help you manage your business.

We also add specific, custom modules according to your specifications and requirements. Ask us for custom development, we will always give you a quote in advance. Currently the following standard back-office tools are available:

Module Description
Credit Card TerminalIf you have a merchant account or other online agreement with a bank or credit card processing agency SiteManager allows you to enter your transactions online, track the transaction history and combine the transaction data with customer databases or product inventories.

Project Manager The SiteManager Project Management module gives you a powerful management tool for assigning, tracking and updating project tasks, issues and time lines. It allows you to track the time spent for budget cost allocation and project reporting.
CRM Help Desk Support With the SiteManager Help Desk Support module your customers can report issues and track issue status online. Your staff gets notified automatically and can track, escalate and update the issue status via SiteManager. Issues can be converted into project tasks and assigned to the appropriate staff member.

File Cabinet In case you want to use your web site to store files as a file server (notice however the limitations on storage space available). Files can of course be uploaded using FTP, but it is also possible to have a more sophisticated file cabinet, where you use the web-site itself to upload files, allowing you to archive them more efficiently by providing them with labels, user permissions, storage dates, indexes, comments, etc. In case the data are sensitive, it is possible to place the file cabinet on a secure web site (for which you need an SSL license).

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